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The future of beer in the Minnesota craft beer scene is looking bright. Minnesota continually has more and more beers moving into the “Best of” or “Top ##” categories. But what does the future actually look like? I mean, “bright” is a pretty vague term. I don’t have the answer. Although, if I had to make a guess, the breweries that are pushing boundaries, not always brewing to specific styles or, simply doing their own thing while brewing with the highest quality ingredients, holding to the best brewing practices and maintaining the pure essence of consistency, are the ones that are going to continue to flourish. I believe there will be many breweries that are going to be opening in the next several years, but even more closing down. But what do I know, I am just some guy that likes to drink beer and talk too much about it.

If you are reading this, though, (great segue) you can come hear some actual experts weigh in on the future of brewing, tomorrow! I am shamelessly plugging the “Brewing in the Year 2020” brewers panel that I put together. We will be chatting with three brewers and a hop farmer that, in my opinion, are among the best in Minnesota and are leading the way in designing the future of Minnesota brewing. We will be sampling their beers, you can ask your burning questions and/or just sit there silently staring blankly at the wall. In attendance will be Austin from Hammerheart Brewing, Michael from Steel Toe Brewing, Keigan from Modist Brewing and Ben from Might Axe Hops Farm. To help wet your whistle, I’m featuring a beer (that you could also come try tomorrow) from each of the breweries.

So, will I see you tomorrow? The event goes from 2-4 pm.

More info right here: Brewers Panel Series #2 – Brewing in the Year 2020

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Modist Brewing | Dream Yard | American IPA
The Future of Beer - Modist Dream Yard
If you live under a rock or don’t pay attention to the craft beer scene, you’ve missed out on the release of this beer over the past couple weeks. I first had this on tap at their tap room and it was utterly delicious. A few days later, it came to the store in some wonderful cans that I could take home whenever I wanted. This American style IPA is super juicy thanks to the combo of oats, wheat, Citra hops and Denali hops. The melting pot, that is Dream Yard, has notes of papaya, melon, and sweet malts. At 7.1%, it’s surprisingly crushable with a lot of the fruit coming through with only a slight bitterness from the hops. Definitely, a must try if you haven’t yet.
4pk 16oz Cans | 7.1% ABV | 50 IBUs




Hammerheart | Neandertaler | Smoked Doppelbock
The Future of Beer - Hammerheart Neandertaler Hammerheart is literally seven miles away from the Blaine store, (where I work out of) and I don’t get to the brewery nearly as much as I would like to. If you haven’t had or heard of Hammerheart, they are considered the hidden gem of breweries in the Northern Metro. On to the beer, a traditional Doppelbock with a nice touch of smoke. The nose on this reminds me of smoked meats, but breaking that down further, I get the smoke, toast, caramel, dark fruit, yeast and a tinge of earthy hops. The taste follows suit with added bready malt, some yeast, and a soothing nuttiness. Unique and delicious, this beer would pair great with some BBQ.
750 ml | 7.7% ABV | N/A IBUs




Steel Toe Brewing | Provider | Golden Ale
The Future of Beer - Steel Toe Provider A classic Golden Ale from Steel Toe. With a philosophy driven towards quality and consistency, Steel Toe has made quite a name for themselves. This humble beer is often given a back seat to Size 7, their IPA, but I am here to shine a humble little light towards this gem. Right off the bat this beer shows characteristics of citrus, lemon, honey, a little grass and a nice touch of pine. At 5%, Provider is super crushable, but don’t forget to savor those flavors of lemon zest, orange, floral hops, a bit of malt and a hint of that honey. Loads of flavor in this solid beer that begs for Summer grilling.
6pk Cans | 5% ABV | 15 IBUs


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