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Here is a challenge for you. This weekend (or next, whatever, I’m not your mother), you should track down the three beers that I reviewed below and try them out. Two of them may be difficult to find as they aren’t the most readily available brews and the other one, any liquor store in Minnesota should have. These are well worth your time, and I suggest you have some cheesecake handy for the last beer. It will be worth every bit of effort you put into this task given to you by the person hiding behind some text on a computer screen. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your flavor.

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Clown Shoes | Pecan Pie Porter (2016) | American Porter
What a treat! While there are very few of the 2016 versions left (which is the one I am reviewing), the 2017 will be released in August. This is more of a “hype building” review since the 2017 version is aged in bourbon barrels. It’ll be one you will want to be looking out for, trust me. The 2016 Pecan Pie, though, is super delicious. The nose boasts brown sugar, molasses, vanilla, sweet velvety chocolate, and a slight reminiscent of pie crust. The flavors follow close with some woody, earthy qualities coming from the hops, some roasted pecans, and a whole lot more chocolate. Super tasty brew, and if you can find the 2016, cop it and save it for a year. It’s worth the wait, believe me.
22 oz Bottles | 8.5% ABV | N/A IBUs



Fulton | 72 Stretch | Gose Style Ale
72_Stretch_Med Do you like fishing, salty beer, or supporting your local brewery? If you said “yes” to any part of that last sentence, you should try this beer. A whiff of this elixir boasts aromas of lemon zest, coriander, lime and a little bit of earthiness. As you take a few sips, the salt can be a little overwhelming, if you’re not well versed in Gose style ales. If you are, it’s got just the right amount of salt to balance out all the other flavors going on in the glass. It has some great malt characters that blend with the touch of earthiness that the hops bring and the citrus flavors compliment the salt and coriander ever so nicely! Never had a Gose? Try starting with this one, but don’t judge it off the first couple sips. By your third or fourth sip, though, you will have fallen into the Gose rabbit hole.
4 pk 16 oz Cans | 4.6% ABV | 12 IBUs



Ter Dolan | Kriek | Sour Cherry Belgian Beer
ter-dolen-kriek-938788 If you’re a fan of cherry, but dislike the taste of beer, this beer is exactly what you should be drinking. The nose is straight cherries with just a touch of spice. The taste reminds me of carbonated cherry juice, aka cherry soda. A little too sweet (for me personally) with a touch of cherry syrup on the mouthfeel. It is still super yummy, and if I had some cheesecake to go with this, I would be in heaven. Who has a good cheesecake recipe for me? Tweet at me (@teehitch) your best cheesecake recipe so I can fall into a cheesecake and Kriek coma!
11.2 oz Bottle | 4.5% ABV | N/A IBUs


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