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It’s Black Friday and instead of writing about some brews you cannot get, I will write about what you can get! It is my favorite time of year again, and as the winter chill is upon us, so are many of the most delightful stout choices of the season. There are some oldies that I have revisited and some new ones that have crept to the top of my list. Grab a glass, build a fire and lay back with your sweetie.  After the shopping, you did today it is much deserved. Enjoy the winter season.

– Cassie

And Now, the Brews


Prairie Brewing | No Chill | Milk Stout Aged on Coffee
Prairie does this Milk Stout aged on coffee pretty darn well. Nice chocolate and roasted coffee on the nose. When you pour into the glass, it is not overly carbonated, tiny frothy head that dissipates pretty quickly. Super light in flavor until the coffee nails your palate. It’s silky and does not have a heavy mouthfeel. There is fantastic coffee goodness which makes this light Milk Stout take on a whole new light. Very drinkable and with a lighter ABV, you can definitely have a few of these. Perfect for your morning coffee needs.
4 pk 12 oz Cans | 5.1 % ABV | N/A IBUs



Stone Brewing Company | Xocoveza | Imperial Stout Inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate
Stouts Is it cold outside? Do you need to warm up in a hurry? Do you love Imperial Stouts? This one is for you! Stone created a great beer that took inspiration from Mexican Hot Chocolate. First brewed in 2014 with San Diego homebrewer Chris Banker after his recipe won Stone’s annual homebrew competition. After an overwhelming amount of requests from everyone across the US, they decided to make it again. “A tradition too special to skip”. This Imperial Stout has so many layers of goodness, it is unbelievable how tasty it is! At first sip, you get some great coffee flavors combined with roasted goodness. As it settles on your palate you start to get the vanilla and then, at the very end, the zip of cinnamon. The peppers add a perfect heat that warms you from the bottom of your soul. This brew is perfect for this winter holiday season. Kick back and relax.
6 pk Bottle | 8.1% ABV | 50 IBUs


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