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You are officially welcomed to the new and improved Beer Blog. What has changed, you ask? Well, not a ton, but the biggest change is that it is now a blog. Yes, last week’s was the first, this is the second, but last week’s doesn’t really count because not everything was set in “Stone”. So, the main difference is that the blog will be written by three of us here at Top Ten Liquors. The way that is going to work is that the three of us will work together to pick some beers/breweries that we are excited about, and then we will switch off each week with a write up of the brews and the breweries.

And now for an introduction… My name is Tyler. I am the Marketing Coordinator at Top Ten Liquors. Any of the videos, flyers, banners, and any other graphic design elements were/are created by me. My love of craft beer has been prevalent for 6ish years. Currently I am working my way towards becoming a Certified Cicerone. Thats a quick overview on myself, as for the other guys, they can handle their own introductions in the coming weeks.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Brew Bros Blog (That’s what we’re calling this thing… I think).

Now back to your regularly scheduled brewcast.

Stone Brewing is a powerhouse. Founded in 1996 by Greg Koch & Steve Wagner in San Diego as a collaboration between of the two beer lovers. Since then Stone has grown into the 9th largest craft brewery in the country, they have been called “All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth” by BeerAdvocate twice, and they plan on becoming the first American craft brewer to own and operate a brewery in Europe (Berlin, more specifically) which is anticipated to open real soon (some time this year)!

Stone is known for its bold, flavorful and largely hop-centric beers. This has helped Stone earn a reputation for brewing outstanding, unique beers while maintaining an unwavering commitment to sustainability, business ethics, philanthropy and the art of brewing.


And Now, the Brews

Enjoy by 4-20-16 | Double IPA
Stone Enjoy by 4-20
4-20. Every year, Stone releases this “dank” brew. This is one intense double IPA with 10+ different hops. They hop-burst and dry-hop the beer to amp up its peach and tropical fruit notes and overall hoppy hoppiness. The beer was made NOT to last very long, brewed to be drank within 37 days, to be exact. Whether you wait to celebrate 4-20 or indulge anytime before, you can’t go wrong with this Enjoy By.

Enjoy By 4-20-16 was released on the 16th (Wednesday), and will be available here at our stores next week! We’ll be sure to save you a few.

6 pk btl & 22 fl. oz. bomber | 9.4% ABV | 90 IBUs
Serving: Pairs great with Chicken-fried steak, gumbo, chile relleno, Thai drunken noodles, and, I mean, it’s not dated 4-20-16 for nothing…

* This item isn’t in stock yet, but will be very soon.


Pataskala | Red IPA
Pataskala 6pack Pataskala (Pa-TASK-a-la) is the perfect example of Stone’s philanthropy, and there is a great story behind it. Long story short, this beer was made for the town of Pataskala, OH, where Greg Koch grew up. A high school student wrote to Stone asking for help to save her school’s music programs and other school activities were in jeopardy of being cut because of budgets and other reasons.
Since Greg went to that high school and was apart of the school’s band, had an idea to help save the school’s programs. This beer was the result, he offered up this beer as an exclusive beer to the town, if, and only if the vote passed and the programs were saved. Well, it worked, the programs were saved, people loved the beer, and now just about a year later, it is available for everyone! Check out the full story here.
6 pk btl | 7.3% ABV | 75 IBUs
Serving: Drink this beer with a BLT (Who doesn’t like Bacon?), hamburgers (throw bacon on that), Margherita pizza (you can put bacon on that, right?), and with satisfaction that beer does a lot of good in the world!



Saison du Buff | Saison
saison du buff
Saisons are one of my favorite styles of beer, and this one just happens to be a collaboration brew, which makes it even better! Why does it make it better? Well, the collaborating breweries are both Dogfish Head & Victory. How can you go wrong with three of the best breweries in the world? I mean, it’s the only way you’ll get any Dogfish Head here in Minnesota, through collaborations. Anyways, I digress. This saison is infused on a bed of herbs (sage, lemon thyme, rosemary and parsley), and then dry hopped with Citra Hops. A great example of farm-to-kettle brewing!
6 pk btl | 6.8% ABV | 52 IBUs
Serving: First off, if you don’t drink this beer on a farm, you’re doing yourself a disservice… BUT if you don’t have the time, drink it with some pad thai, roasted chicken, or grilled salmon. peaches.



IRS | Imperial Russian Stout
Blacker then the souls of the dead, this imperial stout is thick and rich. With massively intense aromatics and heavy notes of chocolate, coffee, black currants, anise, and a nice roastiness, that begs you to lap it up, but you know that this beers nothing to be messed with.
22 fl. oz. btl | 10.8% ABV | 65 IBUs
Serving: Enjoy this with a nice beefy steak with a rich cream-based sauce, coffee-rubbed lamb chops, blue cheese-stuffed portobello mushrooms, and some lovely death metal (Slayer is always a go-to).

* This beer isn’t quite out yet, but I promise you, it will be worth the wait.

Honorable Mention

Summit Brewing | 30th Anniversary: Double IPA
Summit Can_DIPA Background: In case you didn’t know already, 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Summit Brewing Company, Minnesota’s 2nd oldest, currently running, brewery. To celebrate this momentous occasion, they are releasing 4 special brews throughout the year. The first being this Double IPA. Who would have thought the Brewers’ Association of America could have been so wrong? (See what I am talking about here & here) #Summit30

The Beer: Summit’s Double IPA is brewed with an experimental Orbit hop blend from New Zealand and the new U.S. Equinox variety, which are both highly aromatic! This experiment resulted in a bold citrus and tropical fruit hop character.

4 pk 16 fl. oz. cans | 8.5% ABV | 101 IBUs
Serving: Serve in a tulip glass while you chow down on some barbecue, baked ham, sausages, and another glass of Summit’s 30th Anniversary Double IPA.


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