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Earth day, the one day of the year that we collectively care about the Earth. You get involved with a cleanup crew, head to your local park and pick up trash for a few hours. You install solar panels to your house, not only do you collect a nice tax credit, you also get a bit of a workout, and, with any luck, a sick farmers tan!

After doing all those good deeds to prolong global warming, you deserve the reward of tasty beers, but why compromise on a beer that doesn’t have your same belief about taking care of the earth? Since Earth Day is tomorrow, let’s celebrate some breweries and beers that offer up some Organic options! It’s trendy, it’s hip, it’s tasty and it’s oh so good for the planet.

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Dupont | Foret | Organic Saison
Organic Beer
This is the first beer from Belgium that is 100% certified organic. Brewed with organically cultivated hops, barley, and filtered artesian well water. The organic Saison has a hazy orange appearance with a nose of that typical Saison “funk”, bread, a touch of citrus, clove, and pepper. Velvety smooth on the tongue followed by flavors of yeast, spicy hops, flowers, and lemons. A must try if you haven’t before.
25.4 oz | 7.5% ABV | 28 IBUs




Lakefront | Fuel Café | Organic Coffee Stout
Organic Beer Lakefront has several organic offerings, but, in my opinion, Fuel Café is one of the better ones. On the nose, you can smell the roasted malts followed closely by the coffee. Although this beer is a little thinner than most stouts, it still packs a lot of flavors. The delicate marriage of coffee, chocolate, and beer hide the alcohol nicely and the smooth finish will have you reaching for some pancakes!
6pk Bottles | 6.4% ABV | 17 IBUs




Bang Brewing | Nice Coffee | Organic Dark Ale Infused with Cold Press
Organic Beer Waking up in the morning can be pretty difficult and sometimes, going to sleep can be just as difficult. Luckily, modern man has invented two things to help with these problems, coffee, and beer. And thanks to some genius brewer, coffee has found a home in beer. Nice Coffee, the name says everything you need to know about this beer. Wonderful toasty and roasty notes that are combined with some sweet malts and subtle fruity notes really tie this beer to a nice balanced finish. Bang brewing may be new to our stores, but it’ll stick around with tasty beers like this! Another plus, their taproom is powered 100% by the wind, they only brew organic beers and their brew house is a tin silo…. So yeah, it’s pretty sweet! PLUS, bring your empty bottles to the brewery get a little reward!
750ml | 6.5% ABV | 65 IBUs




Samuel Smith | Strawberry | Organic Strawberry Ale
Organic Beer Not a fan of beer but want to participate and be one of the “cool kids”? Snag yourself one of these tasty Ales! Samuel Smith, out of England, specializes in organic beers. This Strawberry Ale is a must try if you like strawberries and/or don’t like beer! The nose is pure strawberries and it’s ever so enticing. It’s pretty much like drinking strawberry juice with alcohol added. Wait for those humid Summer days, this will be the most refreshing beer in your fridge.
18.5 oz | 5.1% ABV | N/A IBUs


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