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Attention beer lovers: Top Ten Liquors acquired a new store, Rum River Wine & Spirits in Ramsey.

It’s a great beer store, and I have never seen a bigger bomber section. It’s got beers I haven’t heard of or forgot about. I call it “Beer Pickers Paradise.” So if you’re in the neighborhood stop in and say “hi” and find a new beer.

Ok, now with this week’s beers…


And Now, the Brews

LTD Brewing | Emily’s Dream #8 | Grapefruit Sour Wit
This is a beer for you sour fans. It is very tart and tangy with just a touch of grapefruit. I think that the grapefruit actually turns down the tartness a little bit. This is a beer to share with some friends around the campfire. If you are wondering why they picked LTD for their name, it stands for “limited batches.” I feel like there whole plan is to keep it small and keep beers rotating. They’re located in downtown Hopkins, if you want to swing by the brewery.
750ml | 5.4% ABV


Summit | 30th Anniversary | Keller Pils
Can_KellerPils I do dig this beer; this has to be one of the best pilsners I have ever had. This beer has a great taste for those soon-to-be-coming hot summer days. This is a beer I could (and have) drink (or drank) all night long. This is an unfiltered traditional German style beer. Considering it’s a pilsner, there’s a nice malty sweetness, an almost honey like taste with the right amount hop bitterness. I found that it has a nice citrus note to it as well. So, with all that said, we are told that this is an extremely limited-edition so get some before they’re gone.  Currently, our Summit 12 packs are priced at $10.96 for our Rewards Members. At that price, how can you go wrong?
12pk cn | 5.1% ABV | 38 IBUs

Until next time…


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