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I think one of my favorite things about Minnesota is that there is always a new beer coming out. They’ll either be coming from the breweries that everyone and their mother has heard of, to beers only the nerdiest of beer nerds know about. Lucky for you all, a lot of those new beers make their ways into our stores and into your glass! Now as the season is in a bit of a transitional phase, I’ve highlighted a beer from a newer brewery that is still holding on to some mild spring nights around the campfire. The other two beers are perfect for any summer setting that has a copious amount of humidity, a grill, the sun, a ballpark, or any combination of fun activities you may or may not want to actually take part in. Can’t wait for those days to be back…


And Now, the Brews


Big Axe Brewing | Brandy Coffee Bean Stout | Coffee Stout
Nisswa, Minnesota on the shores of Gull Lake. Home to Gull Dam Brewery, and one of Minnesota’s newest breweries to deliver down here to Metro, Big Axe Brewing. Since their canning line started, they began to get some buzz thanks to their can designs. They have also done something smart, in my opinion, with the cans of smaller run beers. Creating generic labels and writing on them, by hand, what’s being held in the aluminum, similar to how most places do crowlers. Now when it comes to the beer, they’ve got some fun choices. One of the most interesting to me was the Brandy Coffee Bean Stout. While there isn’t much information about this beer out there, I am guessing that they aged the coffee beans in brandy barrels, made some cold press out of those beans, and added it to their stout. This resulted in a strong nose of ground coffee beans and a touch of chocolate. This nicely dry beer brings more flavors of bitter coffee with a hint of sweet chocolate and a very subdued brandy flavoring. If you enjoy your coffee dark and bitter, this is a solid beer.
4 pk 12 oz Cans | 6.5% ABV | 30 IBUs



Able Seedhouse & Brewery | Concentric Circles | Rye Blonde Ale
Able-Seedhouse-Brewery-Concentric-Circles-Photo-courtesy-Able-Seedhouse-Brewery As you may know, if you’ve read other blog posts of mine, Able is doing some very unique things in terms of grain. As their name would suggest, they’re also doubling as a brewery. When you’re in the brewery and look at the bar, to the left of that bar is a wall. Behind that wall is the place where they roast some of their on malts. They get all of those malts from Far North Spirits in Hallock, Minn. Their goal is to one day have about 20% of all malts in their beers be malts that they roasted in their breweries, which is pretty cool! Concentric Circles is one of the beers that is making those strides more evident. Over 13% of the beer’s malts is Able’s Hazlet Rye Malt! The rye shows well with sweet toffee, a bit of spice, and some nice bready notes. The hops contribute some great fruity and floral aromas. They also allow some woody and citrus notes to come through. This is a fantastic some beer that’s both refreshing and balanced.
4 pk 16 oz Cans | 4.8% ABV | 14 IBUs



Bauhaus Brew Labs | Short Pants | Lemon Shandy
BauHaus-Brew-Labs-Short-Pants-Lemon-Shandy Thanks to the Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, April 21st will forever be known as the official start to short pant season. There was a pants cutting ceremony and everything, so you know it’s real. To launch their new Shandy, Bauhaus reached out to the Mayor and made it happen! Short Pants not only has great looking packaging, but the liquid inside is pretty killer too. Loads of fresh lemon juice and zest flood the nostrils followed by a touch of wheat malts. Packed with sweet citrus, lemon flesh, and a malt backbone consistent with cracker malts and a light grain finish. The take on a shandy will easily be crushed all summer long.
6 pk Cans | 4.5% ABV | N/A IBUs


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