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For those of you that don’t know, August is a special month here at Top Ten Liquors. August is the month that we celebrate Minnesota’s Craft Beer, and for us here at the Brew Bros Blog, it gives us another excuse to highlight some of our favorite home-grown breweries and beers.

Along with our highlights of the Minnesota beer scene all of the stores will have tastings throughout the month, and you reward members get 10% off all Minnesota beers! With that said, make sure you head over to the events calendar and check out all the upcoming tastings. We will be having a special Minnesota Brewers Panel and Q&A at our Blaine location too featuring Oakhold, Surly, Summit and Liftbridge. So you won’t want to miss that!

Alright, less talk and more beer.


And Now, the Brews

Lakes & Legends | Silky | Belgian Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels
Lakes & Legends has to be one of my new favorite Minneapolis breweries. They specialize in farmhouse ales, and their space is pretty awesome! Going into this beer I was expecting a nice heavy stout, but what I got was a much lighter body. It caught me off guard. It was a welcomed surprise. The lightness of the body helped bring out the characteristics of the bourbon and the oak along with coffee, dark dried fruits, and the traditional Belgian yeast. It went down like a rich, creamy Belgian should.
25.4 oz. | 7.1% ABV | 37 IBUs


Olvalde Farm and Brewing | Rise of the Burghers and the Fall of the Feudal Lords
olvalde-rise-of-burghers Olvalde is one of those little known breweries nestled in Rollingstone, Minnesota which is right next to The Middle of Nowhere, Minnesota. That being said, these beers have a place on the beer map. Joe, the brewer, brews for about three months out of the year, and the rest of the nine months he is tending to his farm. He specializes in Farmhouse Ales and that’s exactly what this beer is. Unfiltered and refermented in the bottle, this beer is cloudy and beautiful. The smell of tart lemon, citrus and spice is pleasant and welcoming. This is a tart beer reminiscent of a Gose with lemon, green apple, a little bit of malt flavors, and a lite bitterness from the hops. This beer is perfect for the summer and into the fall.
25.4 oz. | ABV Not Listed | IBU Not Listed

Olvalde Farm and Brewing | The Auroch’s Horn Aged on Rhubarb
Yes, another one from Olvalde because these are THAT GOOD! I have been on a little bit of a rhubarb kick lately, and this one has set the bar for all other rhubarb beers. The nose comes off with a little lemon, rhubarb, and grains. The taste on this beer is so amazing. You get the tartness and juiciness of the rhubarb mixed with hay, hibiscus, lemon, and a little apricot. As it warms up, the rhubarb comes out even more. Wonderfully complex, this beer needs to be boasted about. This beer has ruined all other rhubarb beers for me. Simply awesome.
25.4 oz. | 10% ABV | IBU Not Listed


56 Brewing | Northeast Nectar | Honey Kolsch
NE-Nectar I have got to be honest, I don’t drink a lot of Kolsch style beers. They usually don’t have a ton of flavor, but a good Kolsch is crisp and refreshing. NE Nectar is just that, but with a good amount of sweetness added to the beer thanks to the “copious amounts of honey added at the end of the batch”. You can smell the honey on the nose and taste it on the tongue. The malts come through nicely as well and it finishes crisp and clean like a Kolsch should. I am definitely a fan of this beer. Also, look forward to 56 moving to their new location hopefully opening back up at the beginning of 2017.
750ml | 5% ABV | 23 IBUs

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