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It’s the last Friday in January. This means that this is the last of our money saving selections to help you save money. Don’t worry, though, there is always plenty of tasty beer around our stores to help you continue this money-saving trend. Simply ask anyone of our Top Ten employees, or, better yet, the beer buyer at each location. They know where all the good deals are.

I digress, Barley John’s Brew Pub has been a staple in Roseville for some time now. More recently, they opened up a production facility in Wisconsin so that they could begin to distribute their beer outside of the brewpub walls. For the rest of January, and possibly into February (Don’t quote me on that), several of the Barley John’s varieties are on sale for a mere $7.97. One heck of a deal for some deliciously complex and refreshing beers. Check out a few of my favorites below!

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Barley John’s | Old 8 | Porter
Sometimes it is tough to find a nice traditional Porter from the area. Although this isn’t completely true to style, with its lighter body, the flavors and aromas are all there. Robust bitter chocolate, roasted malts, and fragrant coffee grounds envelop the nostrils with a touch of sweetness to invite you in. The bready English yeast brings out a nice flavor that compliments the chocolate and roastiness, while the touch of spice from the hops helps balance it out. The 8% is nicely hidden, especially with the lighter body, resulting in an easy drinking slightly sweet, slightly dry brew. The price of this is worth every drop and more, even when it’s not on sale!
4 pk 16 oz Cans | 8% ABV | 60 IBUs



Barley John’s | Little Barley | Session Ale
barleyjohnsbrewery_snglecan_littleb This American ale is the perfect beer for most any situation. Pouring a nice deep orange, with lively aromas of floral dandelions, clover, toasted malts, earth, and a touch of sweet malts. This easy drinking beer has similar flavors to the nose, with some scrupulous orange and additional bready malts. A surprisingly complex beer with a creamy mouthfeel that is still somehow nicely balanced and easy to crush. My favorite part about this beer, though, is that it comes in 16-ounce cans which are packaged as a 6-pack. If more session beers came in that format, I would almost drink them exclusively. Now, this being the more expensive beer in this bunch, the simple fact that it’s packaged in the way that it is makes it well worth the money. Trying getting six pints of beer for under $11, I’ll wait.
4 pk 16 oz Cans | 4.2% ABV | 18 IBUs



Barley John’s | Wild Brunette | Wild Rice Brown Ale
barleyjohnsbrewery_snglecan_wildb The beer that led to John creating Barley John’s, this beer was inspired by his wife asking if there were any Burnette beers to go along with the Blonde, Red, and Brown Ales. With the question posed, he developed his signature Wild Rice Brown Ale. The nose on this here beer is pretty stellar, a fantastic blend of chocolate, toasted bready malts, nuts, a touch of wild rice, vanilla, and a balanced earthy quality. This unique Brown Ale boasts flavors of those toasty and earthy malts which are complemented with notes of biscuit, nuts, and wild rice. There is a nice sweetness that brings to mind toffee, caramel, brown sugar, and vanilla. To add to this extensive list of flavors, there is some earthy hop bitterness towards the finish. A fantastically complex Bown Ale that is elevated with the earthy qualities of the wild rice.
4 pk 16 oz Cans | 7.2% ABV | 50 IBUs


* Please Note that not all products are available at all locations. Do you want one of the beers mentioned? Ask your local Top Ten Liquors to carry it!
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