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Unless you live under a rock, you already know that the L.A. Rams are going up against the New England Patriots on Sunday. I don’t really get all that into football, but I do know that the Patriots have won enough rings and Tom Brady definitely deflated or instructed “allegedly” some footballs. I’m not upset about it. Also, with a name like the Patriots, it’s unamerican to not root for New England, that should also be considered cheating. I’m simply stating the things here, that’s all. I’m sure it’s clear who I am rooting for, but let’s take the politics out of it and drink some beer.

Today, I’ve got a couple of beers from each region. Two from New England, Samuel Adams, and Evil Twin competing against two from Los Angeles (not L.A. proper, but close enough for it to count), Stone Brewing and Ballast Point. All four are great beers in their own right. Grab a few of each and have your own game day challenge. Who in your, and your guest’s, opinion has the better beer, New England or L.A.? Tweet at me or throw the results on one of our Facebook pages. Ultimate glory awaits, and you’re at the helm.

– Tyler – Certified Beer Professional

And Now, the Brews


Samuel Adams | New England IPA | Hazy IPA
In today’s current beer climate, I can’t feature New England beers without one of them being a New England style IPA, and why not try it from the world’s biggest craft brewery. Samuel Adams’ version is actually surprisingly good. I had my reservations, but I went in open-minded. The nose opens with a blend of pine and citrus, balanced yet pungent. These open to aromas of pineapple, grapefruit, lemon zest, and some floral hops and pine. Subtle fruit notes of pineapple, cantaloupe, grapefruit, and orange are followed by a little honey, floral hops, minor pine, and little to no bitterness. A good amount of juiciness exemplifies the style. By no means would I say this is one of the best NEIPAs that I’ve had, but for the price point, I can at the least says it’s one of the best values.
6 pk Cans | 6.8% ABV | 35 IBUs



Evil Twin | Even More Jesus | Imperial Stout
Evil-Twin-Even-More-Jesus-Imperial-Stout-16OZ-CAN Now you might be saying to yourself, “Tyler, Evil Twin isn’t from New England, they’re from Denmark. Why are you including them here, I thought you knew what you’re talking about? I guess I can never trust you again.” Well, Evil Twin actually opened up a place in Queens last Fall. Now I don’t know what beers, if any, actually are coming from that brewery, but I recently had Even More Jesus and was reminded how good it was. And with this bitter cold we just experienced, it kept me warm. Rich aromas of dark roasted malts, molasses, bitter chocolate, and dark fruits with more fruit showing through as it warms. Nicely complex on the tongue with bitter cocoa, burnt malts, coffee, a slight smoke, figs, and a mild sweetness. A dry bitter finish, much like this beer, is exactly how the game will end. That’s my prediction.
4 pk 16 oz Cans | 12% ABV | 75 IBUs



Stone Brewing | Tropic of Thunder | Tropical Lager
stone-tropic-of-thunder-lager-stone-brewing Much like the L.A. Rams, Stone’s Tropic of Thunder is somewhat of a new thing to the scene (L.A. acquired the Rams in 2016, a Tropical Lager is a pretty new concept in the beer world). Smells of clean bready malts are paired with grapefruit, orange, lemon, pineapple, and grassy hops. The fruity aromas give way to flavors of mango, cracker malts, grapefruit, floral hops, tangerine, and lemon rind. The finish is crisp and dry. Somehow Stone was able to combine the juiciness of a Pale Ale or IPA with the crisp clean finish of a great lager. I’m a big fan and will definitely be drinking more if this, much like I hope the L.A. Rams will continue to give New England a run for their money.
6 pk Cans | 5.8% ABV | 45 IBUs



Ballast Point | Fathom | IPA
Ballast Point Fathom With the goal of highlighting the best characteristics of a west coast IPA, Ballast Point’s Fathom has a malt forward aroma with underlying notes of lemon, floral hops, and sweet honey malts. Nice and smooth with balanced flavors of sweet and bready malts, fruity hops, grapefruit, lemon, caramel, orange, and a touch of pine. A fairly light body make this an extremely easy drinking IPA that won’t be abrasive to most palates. Something that a lot of people can get behind, much like the L.A. Rams, to take down a common foe, The Patriots. I’m not biased, you are.
6 pk Cans | 6% ABV | 50 IBUs


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