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I’ve chosen a Minneapolis brewery for this month’s beer blog that is steadily building a loyal following and has a most welcoming atmosphere in their taproom located in the NE Arts District.  They make a couple beers that stand out among the crowded craft beer scene in my humble opinion.  Please consider 612 Brewing’s Gateway Lager and Unrated Rye IPA during your next beer run.

– Kent, Certified Cicerone

And Now, the Brews


612 Brewing | Gateway Park | Pre-Prohibition Lager
Gateway Park lager
This Lager is a local pre-prohibition style beer that is approachable for the vast majority of craft and macro beer drinkers.  The key ingredients for pre-prohibition are the use of flaked corn, cluster hops, and six-row barley, which is commonly used today.  The flaked corn adds a soft mouthfeel that hides the hop presence.  The use of cluster hops was super common during the pre-prohibition era, as this type of hop was grown all over the Midwest, Wisconsin being one of the major hop growing states at the time.  A hop blight that included mildew and aphids destroyed commercial hop production altogether in WI by 1920.  I’d recommend pairing 612 Gateway Lager with your best buttery popcorn at home or your local tavern.
Pale Ale: 6pk cn | 5.6% ABV | 12 IBUs




612 Brewing | Unrated | Rye IPA
Unrated Unrated was a revelation the first time I had it.  Rye IPA’s have always had a soft spot in my heart, my first being either Founder’s Red’s Rye IPA, or Sierra Nevada’s Ruthless Rye IPA.  Since these are either seasonal or out of production I was stoked to find a year round Rye IPA that rivals both of those.  This beer pours amber in color and has a nice citrus hop presence that doesn’t overpower.  The addition of rye adds a depth to this beer that helps it stand out from the crowded craft beer market.
Torpedo: 6pk cn | 6.9% ABV | 80 IBUs


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