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Whether you’re hosting or traveling, it can be incredibly difficult and expensive to find something that will hit everyone’s palette just right. Take it from me, you can make it 100% less stressful simply by grabbing a good old variety pack. Not only are they designed to showcase some of their most popular beers, but they will typically hit every one of your picky cousin’s beer requests. Plus, we’re lucky enough, here in Minnesota, to have several really great choices.

Below, I’ve got a few of my local favorites. I’ll break them down, so you know what’s in there and what flavor profile each hit. Another perk of this list is that they are all on sale through the end of the year. So, come New Year’s Eve, these will make for a great BYOB kit.

– Tyler – Certified Beer Professional

And Now, the Brews


Lake Monster | Monster Medley | 4 Beers x 3
First off, Lake Monster probably has the best logo. Secondly, this variety pack features two IPAs, a Pilsner, and a German-style Dunkel. A great variety of styles so as not to leave a single person out. The first IPA, Empty Rowboat, has a great nose of grapefruit, sweet malts, orange peel. The flavor follows closely with a nice bitterness to finish it out. The second IPA, Buddy Check, is a sessionable juice bomb sitting at 4.5%. A solid amount of pine is combined with citrus, melon, and pineapple. Perfect for the person that likes to chomp of pine trees. Como Claw, formerly Calhoun Claw, is a hop forward Pilsner has citrus, malt, bread, and a good number of hops. An ideal selection for anyone that like’s their beer to “taste like beer”. And finally, the most unique beer in this medley, Last Fathom, is a German-style lager brewed with Minnesota Wild Rice giving it a nice amount of nuttiness combined with sweet roasted barley, minimal hops, and caramel. Overall, this is a crowd pleaser, and a great way to keep tensions low with your family.
12 pk Cans | Reg. $15.99 | Sale $14.97



612Brew | Multi-Pack | 4 Beers x 3
612-Multi-Pack The perfect pack to bring to those living outside of the Twin Cities’ metro area, baring the area code, it’s bound to be a hit. 612Brew has some good diversity packed in this sturdy cardboard box. Their Gateway Park is a Pre-Prohibition style Lager, which means it’s brewed with corn. This gives it a nice sweet flavor with minimal corn notes, a little bit of malt, and light body for easy drinking for everyone. Their IPA is full of danky goodness, combined with some citrus and tropical fruits which are all backed up with a nice malty backbone to give a nice balance to the overall beer. Unrated is their Rye IPA with a very strong presence of rye on all fronts. Spicy rye is accompanied by earthy hops, citrus, caramel. Not for everyone, but a solid rye IPA nonetheless. Finally, their Session Dark clocks in at 3.9% making it an all-day crusher with notes of chocolate, roasted malts, and toast. Very smooth which makes for an easy drink.
12 pk Cans | Reg. $15.99 | Sale $13.97



Third Street | Variety Pack | 4 Beers x 2
Third Street Winter Variety Pack If your family likes to party, the Third Street variety pack is here with 16 oz cans in a convenient 8 pack which sits nicely in any fridge. First off, Lost Trout, named after a conflict between the brewery, an upset neighbor, and the dwindling population of trout in the creek behind the brewery, is a Brown Ale brewed with fresh trout. Just kidding, it’s brewed more or less like a typical Brown Ale. A solid combination of molasses, chocolate, a slight nuttiness, and figs. Next, we’ve got Free Speech is a Red Ale with a nutty profile mixed with a slightly bitter hop presence, toffee, roasted malts, and caramel. Unabrasive and delightful. The seasonal in this set is Sugar Shack, is pretty cool as it’s the only beer in the world brewed with the syrup made by the monks at the Saint John’s Abbey. They’re known around the world for their syrup. This exclusive beer has notes of toasted malts and sweet maple which makes it the perfect beer for your sweet tooth. For the hoppy family member, Hop Lift has about 600 pounds worth of hops added to it. The abundant hoppage results in notes of bright citrus, tropical fruits, pine caramel, and mild bitterness. Better grab two of these as 8 cans will go fast.
8 pk 16 oz Cans | Reg. $13.99 | Sale $12.97


* Please Note that not all products are available at all locations. Do you want one of the beers mentioned? Ask your local Top Ten Liquors to carry it!
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