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Summer, like all good things, is moving entirely too fast. With that said, do your best to slow down and enjoy some great summer beers. To be totally honest, I’m not always the biggest fan of summer beers. They always seem too light in the flavor department and frankly, a little boring. So when I come across a couple of great ones, I try to let everyone know. That leads me to this week’s beer picks.


And Now, the Brews

Stone Brewing | Who You Callin’ a Wussie | Pilsner
I know what you’re saying in your head: not another pilsner. But trust me, you will love this one. Its name alone makes it worth of a try. Despite its name, this is not a Wussie beer I mean just look at the flat black 16oz can in your hand. You can’t help but feel like a badass drinking this beer. I have never had a hopped-up pilsner like this. It is not over the top for any normal hop heads, just enough to keep me interested.
6pk 16 oz. cn | 5.5% ABV | 47 IBU

Serving:This beer will pair well with beer brats and of course Brown Swaggart.


Ok, since we were talking about Stone, I have to mention that Stone IPA is now in cans and is available in a 12 pack, which made my day.

Lagunitas | Stoopid Wit
StoopidWit_12oz_Web Next up is one of my other favorite breweryies: Lagunitas. Their new seasonal Stoopid Wit just straight up rocks! I’m having a hard time finding something wrong with this beer, from its great aroma of fresh lemon zest with a touch of coriander. There is also a bit of lime zest. This beer is simply refreshing. At 6.3% ABV, this beer is well balanced.  It isn’t boozy like some wits. The coriander helps round out the brew, making it very well balanced.
6pk btl | 6.3% ABV

Serving: This beer pairs well with any bad Chinese food and pickled herring.

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