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It’s my favorite time of year, Fresh Hop Season! As the weather gets chilly, us hop heads get one more shot at some green goodness before the snow flies. Before the first freeze at the end of harvest season brewers get their breweries ready to do a fast production of the freshest beer available. In some cases, they run the hops from the field, straight to the kettle to begin the brewing process. Most are picked and brewed the same day. Fresh hop brews are some of my favorites since they aren’t overaggressive on the IBU’s but you still get a nice fresh green taste. Drink it now, it is what is meant to be.


And Now, the Brews


Deschutes | Chasin’ Freshies | Fresh Hopped IPA
My absolute favorite! Once a year we are graced with the presence of the Chasin’ Freshies Fresh Hop Brew with Centennial fresh hops, and that time is now. This year Deschutes “chased” down some fresh Centennial hops from Goschie Farms, in Oregon.  Pop that cap and smell the bold aroma. You have a sip, bursts of flavor hit your tongue and make you salivate. You want another sip. Juicy citrus notes with the bright accents of the Centennial hops. Yes, please I will have another.
6pk btl | 7.4% ABV | 65 IBUs




Mankato Brewing | Fresh Hop | IPA
MB-Fresh-Hopped-Bottle-1-683x1024__49229.1466654808.1280.1280 This little guy was new for me this year, and quite tasty. Mankato Brewing rounded up this year’s fresh hops from the Minnesota Hops Company just five miles down the road from the brewery. Aromas of juicy freshness, once again zing your nose. The taste is just a touch more bitter then the Chasin’ Freshies. Flavors of this young green brew will linger with a fresh dry finish.
6pk btl | 7% ABV | 68 IBUs

Castle Danger | Mosaic Fresh Hop | IPA
Coming straight from the land of Two Harbors, MN, this year the Mosaic Fresh hop release is brought to you in cans, a splendid way to keep this freshie even more fresh and worth every penny. Aroma of bright citrus notes, piney and earthy. Tastes like pure heaven in your mouth. Not too bitter, not too plain, perfectly well balanced, with a slight resin flavor on the finish. All I must say is …take it home, pour in a glass and enjoy the ride.
4pk 16oz cn | 6.8% ABV | 65 IBUs


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