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I love this time of year in Minnesota. Softball leagues are in full swing, often with tongue-in-cheek team names—the Ball Breakers are hosting Blood Bath and Beyond tomorrow night. The next whopper of a fish might be just one cast away. Outdoor live music is everywhere. Every taproom has a food truck parked outside of it. Heck, they even have festivals specifically for food trucks. People are out in droves collecting pocket monsters on their phones? But, what I really like best about Minnesota this time of year is the seasonal beers from local breweries. So, I figured I would share some of my favorites with you. Let’s wrap this up so I can get back outside and catch some of those silly pocket monsters.


And Now, the Brews

Bent Paddle | Lollygagger
Being a cyclist myself, the packaging caught my attention right off the bat. A dull but clear copper body fills out this American Pale Ale from Bent Paddle.  The aroma is a captivating combination of tropical fruit and hints of pine. The thing I like most about this beer is its session-ability. With a low ABV, I can confidently crush a sixer of this beer while playing a pick game of Wiffle Ball with some friends.
6pk cn | 5.2% ABV


Bauhaus | Hairbanger
bauhaus-hairbanger-4 To be perfectly frank, this might just be my favorite local summer seasonal. Bauhaus really brought down the “haus” with this Belgian style American Pale Ale. A hazy golden hue and healthy aromatic head make this beer quite the sight for thirsty craft heads. Bold grapefruit, pear and coriander notes on the nose that really knock you cold on the pallet. I could see myself consuming a few of these while listening to some fast and heavy music at an outdoor venue…all, of course, while headbanging.
4pk 16 oz. cn | 5.2% ABV

Indeed | Double Day Tripper
If I could save time in a bottle… err 16oz. can.  It might have to be a Double Day Tripper can. This brilliantly robust bigger sibling to that Minnesota craft staple Day Tripper. It’s giant, toasty, and fruity in its awesomely overwhelmingly flavor profile. Be careful—you might accidentally drink the entire four pack and end up out of beer. This one pairs well with wandering from food truck to food truck overindulging some awesome street food.
4pk 16 oz. cn | 8% ABV
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