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With the State Fair coming to a close and school just around the bend, it is clear that the leaves are getting ready to change colors, and Fall is just around the corner. The beers that scream Fall, to me, are ones that have awesome roasted malts, sometimes a little hop, and sometimes a little vanilla. As the weather chills down I hope you enjoy these picks.

– Cassie

And Now, the Brews


Surly | Fest | Single Hop Dry Hopped Rye Lager
Surly Fest Beer
This is the beer that signifies Fall. When it hits stores, I know the leaves have started changing and my beer tastes have started changing as well. They call it a “Fest” beer because it is not a true German Oktoberfest, but this beer definitely uses German malt. You get smacked in the face with an awesome display of spicy rye flavors when you first crack into it. This is a beer that moves along your palate with caramel notes from the German malts, and then it finishes with a beautiful hoppiness. Hoppy, malty, and spicy, this beer kicks butt….it is truly one of my favorites of all time.
12 pk 12 oz Cans | 6% ABV | N/A IBUs



Ale Smith | Speedway Stout | Imperial Stout with Coffee Added
AleSmith-Speedway-Stout-16OZ-CAN Ale Smith does a very good job at fulfilling the requirements that come with an Imperial Stout. With the ABV hanging at 12%, this beer gives a little more than you’ve asked for. Chocolate and roasted malt dominate the flavor with the smooth transition of coffee and caramel. The aftertaste leaves you with the most delicious dark chocolate notes.
16 oz Cans | 12% ABV | 70 IBUs



Dogfish Head | World Wide Stout | Stout Aged on Oak and Vanilla
Dogfish Head World Wide Stout I was super excited to get my hands on this beer. Now that Dogfish Head has moved their distribution to the entire state of Minnesota, I can write about them! This is one of their rare Stouts that get released once a year. If you see it, I highly recommend buying it, especially if you are a Stout fan! This beer pours, black as night. Deep roasty flavors that mold into a nice vanilla bean finish. As it warms the complexity of it really shows. I taste some black licorice flavors, dark chocolate, and many more complex flavors that elude me. There is some heat from the high ABV, but, if you were to age, this would definitely mellow. Drink it now or age it. Both are perfect directions on how to drink this gem.
4 pk Bottles | 16-17.5% ABV | 70 IBUs


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