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Double IPA is one of my favorite styles of beer. I love the big, bold and, of course, hoppy character of this uniquely American style of beer. It takes the popularity hops and runs with it. These usually have double or even triple the typical number of hops of an average IPA but have more malts added to balance out the extra bitterness. The resulting beer has huge hoppy highs and deep malty depths with a high ABV to match.

These are some that I think you need to try, if you think you can handle it.

– Aaron

And Now, the Brews


Summit | Double IPA
Double IPA - Summit
This beer pours into my glass with a beautiful golden color that produced a nice head. I found that this beer has a light toffee aroma with a nice hoppy bite. I find this IPA to be very smooth and easy to drink. Be careful, though, it will catch up with you, and, at 8.5% ABV, it will hit hard. I think this is a double you could get into if you want a nice step up from a regular IPA. This beer will go great with your favorite late night frozen pizza. I give this beer 4 out of 5 bottle caps.
4pk 16oz cn | 8.5% ABV | 101 IBUs




Great Divide | Hercules | Double IPA
Double IPA - Great Divide Hercules, a classic double from Great Divide, has one of the best names for big beers. This beer pours a rich amber color with a thick head. I get a few earthy notes from the hops, but not much from the malt. This beer has a big HOP bite with just a touch of sweetness and booziness that makes sense since at 10% ABV. This one will hit you hard. This beer goes well with cheap hot dogs on day old buns. 3 out of 5 bottle caps.
6pk cn & 4pk btl | 10% ABV | 85 IBUs




Flying Dog | Double Dog | Double IPA
Double Dog - Flying Dog Now the biggest yet, Flying Dog’s Double Dog. This beer pours brown/red with little head to it. I get aromas of molasses and light coffee notes with grapefruit and orange added. This beer is sweeter than the other two. For as big of a beer as this is, it’s well balanced. At 11.5% ABV, I thought there would be more booze, but it is covered well. You could probably label this a Barleywine and nobody would know the difference, as there is a lot of malt sweetness. But don’t get me wrong, there is a ton of hoppy bitterness for all you hop heads out there. This beer goes well with sweet and sour chicken. 3 out 5 bottle caps.
6pk btl | 11.5% ABV | 85 IBUs


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