What Do All Those Numbers Mean?

I’m sure by now you have seen the Noble Vines wines from Delicato Family Vineyards (the family name is actually Indelicato) in our stores, but have you ever wondered what all those numbers on the label mean? I want to bring this mystery to light for you. Let’s take...

Friday Night Fish Wines (Lenten Specials)

I’m really hoping you didn’t give up wine for Lent and if you did; well, we’ll talk in a while. If you did not make that mistake then you might be looking for a few great Friday Night Fish Wines. It’s time to break into the stash of walleyes, crappies, bluegills and...

Crazy Good Spanish Wine Values

This year the Familia Juan Gil (ZHOO-ahn Heel) celebrates 100 years in the wine business. They began growing grapes and making wine in the South Eastern D.O. of Jumilla (who-MEE-ah), an area with real extremes in climate. Jumilla is among the sunniest places on Earth,...
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