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Part of my New Year’s resolution, as it is most years, is to save more money. As is most things, this task is easier said than done. We put all our expenses on a spreadsheet, looked at what we make vs. what we are spending, subtracted our bills and were surprised that we could still afford rent. As it turns out, I spend a lot of money on beer… and alcohol in general, for that matter. I guess I am not really that surprised, after all, I do work at a liquor store. There is always something new that sounds super tasty. That all being said, I have budgeted a mere $20 a month on liquor. Sounds nearly impossible, right? It is. We spent that on two bottles of wine within the first week. So much for buying beer this month.

Perhaps I am not the only one who has assigned themselves a budget. Here are three beers that won’t break the bank, but will keep your taste buds satisfied

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Oliphant Brewing | Hunkboy | Robust Porter
Fresh into the Minnesota market, Oliphant, hailing from Wisconsin, is the first brewery to self-distribute across the border. That being said, I have visited their brewery in humble Somerset, Wi twice prior to them announcing their Minnesota distribution. I am a big fan of their beer, and I am no stranger to Hunkboy. Not only do their beers all have awesome names, Hunkboy being named after Macho Man Randy Savage, but they have the flavor to back-up the non-serious naming approach. This “robust” porter is truly robust! Notes of espresso, roast malts, and slight smoke entice the senses. The taste is very similar with some chocolate added to a thin mouth feel, like a good porter should have, and at $8.99 for a 32 oz. crowler, it won’t hurt your precious wallet.
32oz Crowler | 6% ABV | N/A IBUs




Sierra Nevada | Sidecar | Orange Pale Ale
Sierra-Nevada-Sidecar-Orange-Pale-Ale-BeerPulse Adding fruit to beer has been pretty popular as of late. Some breweries have been adding fruit to out-shine the other ingredients in the beers, some have done it to hide impurities or lack of quality ingredients, while others, like Sierra Nevada, have added it to enhance the natural flavors of the hops. Sidecar is brand new to their portfolio and it is awesome! They throw orange peels into the kettle and the fermenter to help tweak the profiles of the hops. As you would expect, the orange is very prominent on the nose with some citrus and mild hops. A lot of beers, when fruit is added, tend to be overly sweet, this one is not. There is a great balance of flavors between the hops, citrus, and some toasty malts. Once summer hits, this will easily be my go-to beer, especially since it’s only $8.99 for a six-pack. Your wallet, taste buds and that brand new 87” TV that you’ll purchase with all of that cash money you’re gonna be saving will thank you.
6pk btl | 5.3% ABV | 35 IBUs




Funkwerks | Solenna | Belgian Dark Ale
Ct75decUsAAgT-w Now if I can’t drink a good farmhouse ale while on a strict, tight budget, I won’t last long. Enter Solenna from Funkwerks. This is a Belgian-Style Ale with Brettanomyces. Now let me learn you a little something here. Most people think that Brettanomyces means sour, but that is wrong! Brettanomyces is a strain of yeast that is found on the skin of fruits and is often added to Belgian style ales and farmhouse ales. Brett works more slowly than saccharomyces (another yeast strain associated with sour beers). Long story short, Brett is the microbe responsible for funk in your beer. Now that we have scienced, let’s dive into the beer. Solenna has a nice dark red color to it, and that beautiful color is complimented with a nose of pepper, yeast and some notes for freshly cut grass. On the tongue comes flavors of that grass, stone fruits, the Brett, hops and a nice biscuity spice round out this beer with a little bite on the finish. With every sip, I like this beer more. Coming in at $10.99 for a 4 pack, this is the most expensive beer on my budget list, but it is well worth it, in my opinion.
4pk btl | 6.3% ABV | N/A IBUs


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