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For many of you, the issues of Biodynamic, Organic and Sustainable farming are not important to your wine buying decision making. For others, though, it’s foremost in their mind when they shop for food, wine etc. For us at Top Ten, we are looking to find the best wines possible for our shelves and there are so many great Bio, Organic and sustainable wines to choose from and we want to tell you about them. I’ll refer to them as B.O.S. wine for short. Here is a nice answer to the question about what biodynamic, organic and sustainable viticulture entails. This comes from Wine Spectator magazine’s Dr. Vinny column.

The following are a small sampling of some of the B.O.S wines that we offer. The Moroder and the Saladini come from Conero Natural Park in Italy’s Le Marche region on the Adriatic Sea. Only organic farming is allowed within this region. The Moroders offer a great Agrotourism stop at their winery where they have a small hotel and restaurant on the property. The restaurant features organic produce grown on their estate. Fred and Nancy Cline also have an organic food business operating just outside of Petaluma called Greenstring Farms. All their wines are certified sustainable and they offer tremendous value to the consumer. Longridge of South Africa is new to us but we love it! We also carry their biodynamic Pinotage. It’s unique and delicious as is the red blend we’re featuring this week.

-Bill the Wine Guy



Longridge Konkelberg Rouge South Africa 2014
 This refreshing and smooth wine with its soft tannins is bursting with ripe black cherries and rose petals. Wild herbs and vanilla on the palate add extra complexity. Predominantly Shiraz with a hint of Cabernet Franc. BIODYNAMIC VITICULTURE
Regular Price $16.99
Sale Price $13.59 750ml
Prices good thru May 18th, 2017




Alessandro Moroder Rosso Conero 2014
Biodynamic The ancient writer Plini, in his piece Naturalis Historia, mentioned the qualities of a full-bodied red wine produced on the Adriatic Coast, near Ancona. Nowadays, these characteristics still belong to the Rosso Conero. The intense red-ruby color is impenetrable with a bouquet and a mouthfeel full of fruity hints of black cherry and raspberry. ORGANIC VITICULTURE
Regular Price $21.99
Sale Price $17.59 750ml
Prices good thru May 18th, 2017




Cline Viognier North Coast 2015
Biodynamic A rich, perfumed varietal, this wine has pineapple, peach, and apricot flavors, with accents of floral and citrus notes. Pairs well with Gruyere or Camembert cheese, sushi, or tarragon chicken. SUSTAINABLE VITICULTURE
Regular Price $11.99
Sale Price $9.59 750ml
Prices good thru May 18th, 2017




Saladini Pilastri Rosso Piceno Certified Organic 2014
Biodynamic The characteristics of this wine are its typical deep ruby color, vinous bouquet, and dry spicy taste. It is produced from only the best Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes and mellowed in oak barrels. It is a wine which is at its best served at room temperature to accompany all kinds of roast meat and game. ORGANIC VITICULTURE
Regular Price $9.99
Sale Price $7.99 750ml
Prices good thru May 18th, 2017


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