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Regardless how quick time passes; it is important to take time to give back to the community. Unfortunately, beer drinking can sometimes get in the way. Thankfully, there are a few breweries devoted to giving back to their communities. So, give back while you drink!


And Now, the Brews

Finnegan’s | Irish Amber
Finnegan’s give 100% of their profits to local food shelves. Their Amber is their flagship beer. If you are someone who enjoys a nice, well balanced beer, this is one you will want to take home. I enjoyed the creamy, malty finish. It filled my soul with goodness. Pairs well with corn beef, potatoes, cabbage. Also more Irish beer.
6pk btl | 4.75% ABV | 20 IBUs



Veterans Beer Company contract brews in Cold Springs Minn. I have done what I can to help support them since I am a veteran myself. I love the fact that they only hire vets.

This is their mission statement:

“We were founded to get Vets back to work and help them start in again after leaving the military. So a big chunk of revenues go to Vets. And each area of our company and supply chain employ Veterans. Hence, our true-to-form name.”

Veterans Beer Company | Blonde Bomber
Blonde Bomber This beer is very well done. I enjoy the light citrus notes with a touch of sweetness.  A six-pack on a hot day might not be enough. This beer pairs well with over cooked brats and blue slushys.
6pk btl| 5% ABV | 19 IBUs


Veterans Beer Company | Hooyah! | IPA
This is a good every day IPA. It is everything you have grown to love in IPAs without that big bite that just kill your tongue. It is a good blend of some of my favorite hop varieties: Tomahawk, Cascade Magnum and Chinook. This beer pairs well with any M.R.E.
6pk btl | 7.2% ABV | 70 IBUs


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