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Lent and beer, two things that tend to go together like peanut butter and jelly, America and apple pie, or beer and hops. With Lent in full force, Aaron took it upon himself to give up beer for a little while. No doubt a tough feat. In his absence, we have taken it upon ourselves, Kent, Cassie and myself, Tyler, to team up for a little collaborative blog post. It was difficult for us to drink a beer… or two and share our thoughts, but we did it. We did it for you, all 4 of our readers that aren’t currently employed at Top Ten Liquors.

We all chose one beer each, which is exciting because it shows the diversity of beer lovers, both from this company and in the greater craft beer community! Three IPA’s and one Belgian Tripel. Real diversity. Whether you gave up beer for Lent or Lent for beer be sure to put these on your “Must Haves” list.

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Insight | East vs. West | IPA’s
Beer for Lent
Insight has recently come out with a battle for the craft beer ages in a convenient 4-pk.  Two cans of an in your face unapologetic piney, earthy, and resiny West Coast IPA clocking in at 7.6% ABV.  and 92 IBUs vs. two cans of a juicy, hazy East Coast style IPA that is taking the craft beer world by storm.  6.4% ABV and 41 IBUs.  Which one will you pledge your allegiance to? – Kent, Certified Cicerone®
2 16oz Cans | 6.4% ABV | 41 IBUs

2 16oz Cans | 7.6% ABV | 92 IBUs




Brouwerij Bosteels | Tripel Karmeliet | Tripel
Beer for Lent This Tripel comes highly accoladed with a gold medal from World Beer Cup, Gold Medal from European Beer Star and an “Exceptional” rating from Beverage Tasting Institute. That being said, I don’t want to over-hype this beer, but this is a true Tripel. Super fragrant with citrus, banana, and grain with bready yeast, mild hops and some good malty sweetness building the backbone of this beer. The quintessential Tripel. – Tyler
24.4oz | 8.4% ABV | N/A IBUs




Bank Brewing | Hop Lab White Label | West Coast IPA
Beer for Lent White Label was delightful! This round was brewed with my all time favorite, El Dorado hops, which really added a nice brightness to this IPA. Super citrusy nose with a perfect tropical burst of flavor. Crisp, refreshing and clean with an earthy dry hopped finish. This is one that I wish they would put in a six pack. IPA fans, this is a must try. – Cassie
22oz | 7.2% ABV | 88 IBUs


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