Rosés for Mom

My Mom won’t see this email. She’s not very good with social media and, to be honest, she shouldn’t be. She’s 82. She does find websites with cute puppies and cats on her iPad, though, and then tries to forward them to me, but it seldom works. I can get flowers and...

Hops and Malts Showcase

It’s not often some of the beer’s most basic ingredients are showcased as nicely as the following two beers.  The following beers respectively from Central Waters Brewing and Boom Island Brewing allow the consumer to really enjoy the brewer’s...

These Farmers Make Good Wine

Every now and then I find a wine or winery that gets me excited about the wine business and makes me want to share the news with everyone! This is one of those times. Clay and Margarita Shannon and their wineries, Vigilance and Shannon Ridge, are just what the doctor...
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