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What the Hefe?

What the Hefe?

For this week’s blog, I’m going to talk about Hefeweizens. A Hefeweizen, more commonly known as a ‘Hefe’ in the American market, is a German-Style wheat beer. The unique yeast strains and high malted wheat mash makes this one of the most recognizable beer styles, in...

Wines for Springtime Celebrations

Let’s Celebrate Spring! It’s finally Spring! There is so much to do and not enough time to get it done. You might have some big plans for grad parties or perhaps a Spring wedding? Maybe you just want a party to celebrate the exit of the winter that would not...

Mother’s Day, Beers Your Mom Would Like!

Today’s blog is about the Mommas. It’s dedicated to all of the women who so generously gave up their time, energy, and bodies in order to further the existence of homo sapiens. You ladies rock. There is seriously so little that us men can say; it truly is hard to...

Rosés for Mom & Me

Happy Moms Day! Tis the season to drink pink! For all you folks in need of something for your Mother I suggest a bouquet of Rosés! The 2018 pinks are coming right now, they are fresh and beautiful. The Rosé category has been growing in popularity in the U.S.A. for 25...

A Shocking Break From the Haze Craze (Sort of…)

It’s no secret that I’m into the haze craze. I’ll always choose a hazy when it’s available at a bar or restaurant, and I’m definitely all about trying all the new ones that come out each week. Some may think that it’s almost getting to the point where it’s all the...
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