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A New Beer Direction

A New Beer Direction

The Beer Blog, or “Brew Bros Blog” as it is currently named, has seen many writers come and go. Each with his or her personal writing styles, beer influences, and nuances. It has now come to be run by one person, me… Tyler. As I am now the soul...

Aaahhh… La Crema, Yes Please!

For the last 20 years, La Crema has been like an old familiar friend, especially when I’m on the road. I remember trips, both business related and family vacations, where La Crema showed up on restaurant wine lists and in Mom and Pop bottle shops around the country....

Cocktail Inspired Beers to Inspire Your Taste Buds

The liquor industry is an interesting beast. There is a constant mix of ideas being passed around from sect to sect. Wineries are experimenting with bourbon barrels, breweries are using wine barrels and yeast strains to create some funky beers, and some distilleries...

Where Do I Go for Great Value? The South of France!

People always ask me if I have a well-stocked wine cellar with lots of treasures. I have a few wines tucked away for special occasions but mostly I have a lot of inexpensive, yet interesting wines for everyday use. I DRINK WINE EVERY DAY I EAT! With this in mind, I...

More New Minnesota Beers!

I think one of my favorite things about Minnesota is that there is always a new beer coming out. They’ll either be coming from the breweries that everyone and their mother has heard of, to beers only the nerdiest of beer nerds know about. Lucky for you all, a...
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