When it comes to wine, the more you know, the better. Get expert tips on tasting, pairings and special varieties from your favorite resident wine steward.

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MY Gateway Beers into the World of Craft

MY Gateway Beers into the World of Craft

So my last blog was about Local Craft Gateway Beers, which can he found here. I ended up catching some flak for a couple of the beers that I chose. To be fair, the person giving me a hard time about it is a pretty big beer snob, and one of my good buddies, so I took...

Takin’ Care of Dad

Here’s a tip for Father’s Day; Skip the tie! I must admit I’ve gotten a few nice ones over the years but to be honest, I’d rather have a nice bottle of Scotch – or a nice wine! Our stores are full of what Dads really want and we’d be very happy to help you find...

Beautiful Wines for Beautiful Weather

Enjoy this folk’s because it won’t last long. In little more than 2 weeks the days will be getting shorter and in two months I’ll be changing the oil on my snowblower. Welcome to the best part of the year here in the North! Now is the time for sipping Rosé on the...

Local Craft Gateway Beers

Back when one of the Store Managers here at Top Ten ran a restaurant, he decided to put a craft golden ale on tap and take a domestic golden lager off tap. Long story short, it was very well received by his patrons. Many were leary at first, and wanted their good old...

New Wines From 90+ Cellars

New Wines From 90+ Cellars The great values from 90+ Cellars just keep coming. We first met up with Kevin Mehra last year at a big wine convention in San Francisco. He described how his company came about, buying overstock wines in bulk from well-known wineries around...
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