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The Aged Beers You Need in Your Life

The Aged Beers You Need in Your Life

So, before I get into this, know that I geeked out a bit. In advance, I am not sorry, and I guarantee that I will, in fact, do it again. This week I wanted to look at aging beers, not in your cellar, but in the brewer’s. There is something special, some...

Ferrari Carano Fits My Plan

Since 1985, Ferrari-Carano has been a leading producer of world-class, nationally-acclaimed wines. Vintage after vintage, the wines exhibit a remarkable consistency of style and elegance. Don and Rhonda Carano’s uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence is a...


Maui Brewing Company is fresh off the boat and straight from the island of its namesake. This highly anticipated brewery finally made it here to the mainland and they’re offering fun styles with twists to your everyday favorites.  These guys will be added to my...

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

The year is just flying by and it’s time to celebrate the Jewish New Year with a bang. Once again, we have plenty of great Kosher wines ready for the holiday. As a matter of fact, our Kosher selections are continuing to grow. We will taste the following wines this...

The Three Beers You Need to Celebrate My Birthday!

As I write this, it is not my birthday, but as it hits your inbox, it is. I didn’t take the day off, I am an adult after all. I am, however, going to enjoy some awesome beer (Who needs cake when you can have some beer?), once I get home, to celebrate revolving around...
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