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Keep Calm, Drink Vigilance!

Keep Calm, Drink Vigilance!

Clay Shannon is a rancher, grape grower, and businessman. He is also a man of the land and through the operation of his estate is attempting to have the smallest carbon footprint possible. His wine labels include both Vigilance and Shannon Ridge which are Lake County...

The 3 Beers You Should Try this Weekend (if You Can Find Them)

Here is a challenge for you. This weekend (or next, whatever, I’m not your mother), you should track down the three beers that I reviewed below and try them out. Two of them may be difficult to find as they aren’t the most readily available brews and the...

Summer Italian Diversion

It’s finally time to enjoy the bounty of the garden. This year my basil and tomatoes are doing well as we get just enough rain to keep everything fresh. My cucumbers are about a week away, and the herbs are plentiful. I’m thinking about a little Italian inspired...

Summer Pounders

Now that we are in the heat of the summer, let’s grab some beers that are perfect to pound on a hot day. I have found 3 that I think will help keep you cool and refreshed. Here we go. – Aaron And Now, the Brews   Rogue | Hot Tub Scholarship | Munich...

International Heat Beaters

I spent a wonderful day on the patio with friends this past week, enjoying some good food and great wine. Good for me, I know, but as the day wore on, the heat and humidity continued to increase and the red wine I was enjoying was soon abandoned in favor of a cool,...
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