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4 Beers for your Thanksgiving Feast

4 Beers for your Thanksgiving Feast

It’s Thanksgiving next week which gives me a chance to flex my beer and food pairing skills. Not sure how your family is but mine likes to make way too much food, set it all up buffet style, and fight over the dark meat of the turkey. Personally, I am all about...

Getting Ready for My Favorite Holiday!

It is getting close, people. I just returned from the grocery store with not one, but two turkeys! I’m shopping a little early to fill all my needs. This is serious stuff because I put in a lot of hours at the stores and I am the one responsible for putting it all...

Mikkeller, The “Good” Twin

Mikkeller was established back in 2005ish by two avid homebrewers in Denmark, Mikkel Bjergsø and Kristian Keller. They began with clone recipes followed by some experimentation. These experimentations resulted in a few rewards. In 2006 they decided to step their game...

A Great Wine for Veteran’s Day (and a couple more)

Hello everyone. I have a very special wine I want to feature this week. Not only do profits go to a great cause, but the wine is also outstanding. Here is some important information from the producer, Charles Krug: “The Purple Heart – No honor better symbolizes the...

3 Killer Beers for November

November is one of my favorite months. Turkey Day is in November, the cold is setting in, and, if we’re lucky, the snow starts to stick around. For most, though, the cold is the bane of their existence. They simply don’t know how to deal with the winter....
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