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Fastest Growing Craft Breweries in Minnesota

Fastest Growing Craft Breweries in Minnesota

Now, I could have done some good ole danky beers for 4/20, but I figured that may be too on the nose. Plus, I can’t let the boss man know that I know what 4/20 celebrates. Besides, last week, the Brewers Association released their list of Fastest Growing Craft...

Celebrating an Organic Wine Farming Icon

His name was “Guy” William Powers. He was a farmer and cattle rancher in the shadow of Mount St. Helens until a certain day in May of 1980. After that fateful event, Mr. Powers decided to move east to the Tri-Cities and try his hand at grape growing in Kennewick,...

Hazy IPA Craze

I think it is evident that the NE style hazy IPA craze has made its way to Minnesota. With all of our fantastic local breweries putting out great versions of this beautiful, new style, I tried three beers from some of the national boys and put them up against my local...

Jamie Benziger Wants to Broaden Your Palate

The Benzigers are a true wine family. That’s Jamie, fourth from the right in the front row. She is the third generation of winemakers from the clan. Growing up in Sonoma with her Grandfather, Father, uncles, aunts, and cousins, she worked every day at the family...

German Beers – History in a Mug

The history of German beer is expansive. There have been many laws created, most notably, Reinheitsgebot, also known as the Bavarian Beer Purity Law and Bavarian Beer Ingredient Law. This law, enstated in 1516, outlined what was needed in order for a beer to be...
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