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The Art of Blending Bourbon Barrel Aged Beers

The Art of Blending Bourbon Barrel Aged Beers

Blending anything can be tough. Blending work and life is often difficult. Finding that work/life balance is key to having a happy life, both in the work field and at home. With beer, it’s maybe not as complicated of a process or as important of a task, but it...

Think Spring? See You on the Other Side

Living in Minnesota almost my whole life has helped cultivate a fantasy of mine where I can leave here in September to trek to somewhere like Argentina or Australia and stay there until March or April. Imagine only seeing snow high up on the Andes. From a distance. I...

Bourbon Month, Bourbon Barrel Aged Beers

It’s Bourbon Heritage Month, not only here at Top Ten Liquors, but all over the country! Back in August of 2007, the US Senate declared September as “National Bourbon Heritage Month.” The bill reinforces the 1964 Act of Congress that declared bourbon “America’s...

A Football Sunday Spread – It’s Serious Now

Big Expectations The kids are back in school, my tomato plants are toast and here we are on the cusp of another big season with high hopes and big expectations. Gameday is taking on a bit more gravity so I better up my game. Let’s talk wine. I have some winners this...

3 Beers from The Fair

Navigating the fair can be tough. All of the gimmick beers are cool, but if they’re really all that delicious, you should be able to drink them for the rest of the year, or at least from the comfort of your home at least once. After you’ve gotten your...
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